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Darcy Bergen

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In 2008, Bergen's parents were in Kenya, serving as missionaries. They helped build an orphanage, dug wells, and did other good works. Unfortunately, seven villagers viciously attacked the Bergens. Both of them are alive and well now, thank goodness. To channel the negative energy into something positive, Darcy Bergen established Bergens Mission in 2014. The charity helps orphans all around the country and works to improve the region as a whole. Bergen thinks the foundation may help educate and provide for Kenyan youth, discouraging them from adopting violent lifestyles.

The wonderful Darcy Bergen spends her days in the classroom:

Bergen's driving motivation is a desire to help others with their financial futures. Customers, in his opinion, shouldn't deal with anything monetary unless they fully grasp it. He and his wife, Heather, have finished off four years as co-hosts of the popular radio show Safe Money and Income. In addition, he lectures on retirement strategy at local universities. Bergen addresses topics like social security and risk management in his guide on retirement preparation.

Planning for retirement is Bergen's main area of expertise. But he understands the need to teach young people good financial habits. Bergen recommends that parents enroll their kids in school as soon as possible. Kids of all ages may earn money for chores, and parents can use this as a teaching opportunity to show their children that hard work is rewarded with material rewards. Even very young children may learn the value of saving up for something they want.

Bergen argues that the adolescent years present an ideal time for parents to begin instructing their children in the ways of sound money management. Most teenagers grasp such financial concepts as debt, the cost of living, credit cards, interest calculations, and the components of a paycheck. Teens who work part-time may see the practical application of lessons learned in school. Bergen claims that teaching kids about budgeting and saving at an early age leads to more financially stable adults.

Darcy Bergen, retirement planner:

Bergen's approach is conservative and tries to provide a steady income for the rest of your life. He helps clients explore alternatives to traditional fixed annuities that offer protection against stock market volatility. Bergen is mindful that the unpredictability of the market might cause retirees anxiety. Bergen's team is working to alleviate these pressures by facilitating access to useful resources. He and his colleagues have almost a century's experience helping clients design personalized retirement strategies.